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Here at Bulks we have a number of professional, qualified personal trainers that can help you achieve your short term or long term goals. Additionally, we have various classes run by some excellent personal trainers, please feel free to contact us for more information!



Sue & Liam – BULKS OWNERS:

Sue and Liam are a mum and son team who have recently taken over
the reins at Bulks.  Liam has been into fitness from a very young age, he began his journey with karate and continued this for 12 years. 

He started visiting Bulks when its doors first opened and soon realised that this place was his second home! He became interested in Body Building
and has recently gained second place in his first Body Building
Competition. He is already making plans to continue his success, so
watch this space!

Sue has been working in the fitness industry for 12 years. The
opportunity arose for her and Liam to own this family run business
and they jumped at it, turning their dreams into reality!




Hamish is the youngest member of the team and is making plans to
embark in a Body Building career. 

He has already gained third place
in a Power Lifting Competition and also played in a pro-rugby game
at the age of 17. There’s no stopping him now!

Dan Stewart – PT

*Held an all time world record in Squat
*Number 1 in the UK 2022
*Top 5 in the world 125kg class 2022
*Trained at Westside Barbell under Louie Simmons

Dan is an expert in powerlifting and understanding the biomechanics of lifting. He has coached top lifters in the UK to all time cross federation British records and has helped shaped the history of British powerlifting.

Dan works with conjugate based training methods that come directly from Westside Barbell and learnt first hand what it takes to become the best. Contact us to work with Dan in learning how to get better at anything related to lifting, gaining size and strength and expert programming.

Mike – PT & Team member

Mike (aged 58) trained his first client in 1986 before his career took away his free time. After a 37 year gap, he gained his PT qualifications after losing 55kg in bodyweight that he had gained due to inactivity and bad diet.

Mike specializes in sustainable fat loss and body transformations. He has been studying hormonal obesity for 6 years and has a complete understanding of the forces that act against us in making long term fat loss extremely difficult.
Mike also coaches arm wrestling and runs the arm wrestling team.



Mum of two qualified personal trainer and also bikini competitior. Holding level 2 & level 3 personal training certificates with a postpartum qualification alongside that.

Offering many deals for one to ones at Bulks, a HIIT class on a Wednesday morning and a Zumba Class on a Saturday.

Jess has been training at Bulks for many years and is very kind and approachable, she helps many members in their training and encourages them to reach their goals.