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Bulks strongman training see our members undertake a combination of basic strength training in the gym, using barbells and dumbbells, and event training with a variety of Strongman objects, such as atlas stones, dumbbells, log and yoke.  Our Strongman competitors and members often move heavy objects as quickly as they can over a specific amount of time, to push themselves on every lift – Strongman is a test of stamina and mental fortitude.  With indoor and outdoor strongman equipment, we really do have everything you could wish for, regardless of whether you are the inexperienced novice or the professional, competing athlete. We even have a Car Deadlift parked outside our unit, atlas stones with platform from 32-200kg, Steel blocks to 150kg, Farmers Walk, Yoke, Frame Carry, Duck Walk, Big Daddy Dumbells, Axles, Logs. If you want to start Strongman – why wait, get down to the gym and get lifting!

Bulks Powerlifting has our members undertake and assess their ability to life the maximum weight for one repertition, commonly referred to as one rep max (1RM) using a barbell in the following three lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press. Since Powerlifting focuses on the one max rep in the three exercises mentioned above, training involves increasing strenght in these exercises. Additional exercises need to be undertaken to assist in these strength exercises. At Bulks we have all the equipment you need, One of the best equipped powerlifting gyms in the whole South East of England. Rare and unique equipment including a front loaded monolift equipped with a top of the range AOA Squat bar, an Original C.E.C competition standard bench equipped with rogue ohio power bar and texas power bars.

We have adjustable competition spec pullum bench, competition spec deadlift bars including a texas deadlift bar and rogue ohio deadlift bar, calibrated plates over 500kg Full equipped for conjugate style training with specialist bars such as, a cambered bar, bow bar, Swiss bar, trap bar, axle bar, 3 types of ssb including an EliteFts SS yokeAccommodating resistance is available with bands and chains!

A full Life Fitness Cardio Suite awaits you, alongside an array of kettlebells, medicine and pilate balls and a range of useful assistance accessories such as foam rollers and yoga mats. You will find dumbells from 1-100kg in our huge free weights area and your favourite machines await you; Smith Machines, Super-Loaded Lat Pull Downs, Leg Press, Leg Extension/Curl, Cable Cross Overs and a few you do not always see, such as a Glute Ham Raise, but we believe it is vital in your assistance work. Certainly everything you need, and more!

BULKS GYM has muliple cardio machines to enable you to meet your health goals. We have Bikes, Stair Machines, Treadmills, Elipticals, Rowing Machines a large yoga area and stretching mats and kettle bells.

Our wrestling ring doubles up as a boxing ring and this is free to use- whether on a day pass or a monthly member. Please message to check availability and book. We also have pro level punching and kick bags and even an aqua bag as well as a speed ball and sparring area upstairs. We have our own gloves and shield but feel free to bring whatever you need. If you want to use our equipment to train others, just give us a call!

BULKS GYM has a large wrestling ring and multiple arm-wresting stations to help you prepear for your next show or arm-wrestling competition. We have many members that love both wrestling and arm-wrestling, why not come and join them!

People have been arm wrestling since the dawn of civilization. It was certainly practised in Egypt 4000 years ago as we have surviving tomb reliefs to prove it.Almost everyone has tried it, almost certainly sitting down across a standard table. The modern sport of competitive arm wrestling is almost exclusively carried out standing up on a purpose built table with pads and pegs.Whilst many muscles are called into play to win a match, predominately, the muscles in our forearms which allow the flexion, pronation and supination of the wrist are used to take control of an opponents hand.

This is why a 75kg man can easily defeat a 150kg man. This has happened often at Bulks Gym.We have 3 training tables along with one pro grade table. We also have a mechanical arm for training side pressure and a rather large box of handles for sports specific training.Everyone is welcome to have a go, but equally, everybody must take a short induction to show them how to arm wrestle safely. Tendon tears and arm breaks do happen, but largely where two people who don’t know what they are doing look away from their hand and exert rotational force on the humerus bone.We have a small but active team and already have a few medals to our name.



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