Bulks Mezzanine

#OperationMezzanine – Taking Bulks to a new level- literally!

On the 19th December, #TeamBulks cleared out Bulks Gym in preparation for Mr Mezzanine to install a new 200 square metre floor and this is our story in photos.


After three days, the floor was up and we could move back in and let work commence!

Despite Christmas, we have made huge progress, as photos show. Still lots more to come, as we eagerly await our custom-made equipment…

IMG_6068 IMG_6078

So far we have made room for…

  • Professional sledge hammer set
  • We made room for our strongman equipment so it is now set up ready to go rather than in the storage container!
  • HYPERVIBE- professional Vibro-Plate training system
  • Sofa area with giant bean bags and coffee machine
  • A sunbed- and courses available at a very respectable rate of £30 per 60mins
  • Soft Plyometric stackable box jump set to over 6ft!
  • Marsden Professional Medical Body Measurement Scales and Printer- free to use
  • Functional Fitness Rig complete with dip bars, half rack, safety bars, gymnastic rings, chin up/pull up /muscle up bars, grappler, band loops and band set

IMG_6118 IMG_6141 IMG_6123mats sunbed

And still to come….

-Crash Mats
-Battle Ropes
-Life Fitness Cardio Suite
-Showers and Toilets
-Vertical Leg Press
-Another Power Rack
-Reverse Hyper Extension
-Adjustable Decline Bench
-Standing Gripper
-Standing Leg Curl
-Plate loaded Bicep Curl Machine
-Monster Mono Leg Press
-Standing Calf Raise Machine
-Olympic Military Press Bench


IMG_6078 IMG_6212 IMG_6201 IMG_6215 IMG_6220IMG_6225 IMG_6223 IMG_6221IMG_6219