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Thank you to all of those who are seeing us through,
You continue to pay, without a cue.
You have kept us going through thick and thin
We will defeat this virus; we will win !

Our bills never stop yet income is on hold
But we have been going ten years; we cannot fold!
We’ve never made a profit in all of our ten years,
But that’s not made a difference, no time for tears.
If you look on companies house, you will see this as true,
But we continue to run, for the many, for the few.

For the love of the sport or through sheer stupidity,
Or perhaps just utter stubbornness- that’s just me !
So once again THANK YOU – we never expected all this
But we appreciate everyone’s situation is different – we do not dismiss
The fact that some are furloughed still on full income
Whereas others don’t know where the next meal will come from.

Everyone’s situation is different, we can not deny,
But we must reward those who look after us; but for others we will try
To accommodate you in whatever ways we can,
When we eagerly listen to the words of Boris,  the main man.

We sit and linger on his every word,
To think our future depends on this, is absurd !
But ‘it is what it is’ and for this we know is true-
This isn’t just my gym-
it’s Bulks Gym
and it’s yours too x @ Bulks Power & Strength Gym