Meet The Team

Emmy Louise


Age 31, British Powerlifting Champion across 4 weight categories and 2 federations.

European and World Record Bench Press and Deadlift holder available for 1-1 powerlifting and technique sessions as well as diet and competition advice.

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Jay Hughes


Age 31, One of Europe’s Strongest Men before losing 8 stone to go back to his bodybuilding roots.

Jay has been training and competing for 15 years and can assist with strongman and bodybuilding training, whether you are a complete novice or active competitor.

David Jenkinson

Bulk’s Manager

Holder of the UK’s biggest raw total of all weight classes 350/240/350 940 @110kg.

Making him 9th on the all-time list of greatest 110kg lfters in history.

Available for 1-1 training sessions and programming advice.

Ian Sharp

Age 42. Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer available for 1-1 training sessions and programming advice.

His training usually consists of 1 body part per day followed by 30 mins cardio. Trains 4 to 6 times a week with a minimum of 4 sets per exercise and a lot of volume till failure;  believing that sets and reps should be used only as a guide and not set in stone.

Danny Tinker

Began training with an American football team, the Kent Exiles, and training at Bulks just before turning 17 at a bodyweight of 98lbs and standing at 5’11” (due to severe illness and surgery).

Now, he’s just finished his 3rd season as a 1st string player with the Kent Exiles Junior Team, being a starter on both sides of the ball for 2 of those seasons, and stands at 6’2″ and 185lbs with a 200kg deadlift, 4.6 second 40 yard dash, 22.1 second 200m sprint.
Qualified in Level 3 extended diploma in sports and exercise sciences, AS level Physical Education and Level 2 award in community sports leadership.

Brad Wylie

Age 25. Brad has been with us in the Bulks team since opening in 2009.

Having trained for over 8 years and qualifying as a REPS level 3 PT, he has built up a wealth of knowledge in different training techniques and is available for 1-1 or group PT sessions.

All sessions are tailored to meet individual needs.

Declan Flynn

2009 NABBA UK 1st timers achieving 1st place under 80kg.

2010 under 80kg novice at UKBFF Kent Classics taking 1st place and invite to British Championships.

The BULK's Team

Here at BULK’s Gym, we have a  real TEAM atmosphere, you are not just a member to us !

If you are looking to train at a gym that welcomes you in, helps you reach your goals and supports you as an individual, then look no further than BULK’s.

Why not come along for a trial visit using one of our free day passes and experience that atmosphere for yourself.