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The Great Reopening plan!



If all goes to plan…. this is what I PREDICT so don’t take this as gospel

Boris will announce plan to reduce social distancing to 1m on Tuesday 23rd June  with affect from 4th July

Boris’ review on Thursday 25th will announce that hopsitality and leisure sector can reopen on 4th July (or possibly Monday 6th) if they can adhere to guidelines

IF that’s the case then …

📞 phone line will then open Friday 26th for bookings FOR GOLD MEMBERS ONLY from Saturday 4th July to Sunday 12th July. GOLD MEMBERS can book multiple slots and slots for their PT clients for those 8 days (please see previous posts for who has gold status)

📞 phone line for Direct Debit members opens a day later on Saturday 27th June for 1hr 15min time slots TWICE per day if needed. You can book for Saturday 4th up to Sunday 12th July

Basically you will all have to plan your life and training very carefully to adhere to the time slots- not ideal but this has been the new normal for a while now as you can t just show up anywhere and waltz through the door. Hopefully it’s just temporary


You will need to message me to reactivate or start a membership so you can book a slot. DO NOT JUST TURN UP AT THE GYM as gyms will only be allowed to open if they can prove it won’t turn into a mass gathering !! Door will be closed / blocked when session has started to prove this and to keep the inspectors happy. Again, this should only be temporary but we need to prove we have our members controlled


At 5000sq ft, we could have 50 members in each session abiding by social distancing (10sqft each)
HOWEVER this is far too many for my liking and I’m reducing it to approximately 25 (to include staff) over the two levels so it’s easier to social distance between machines and avoids moving/ putting machines out of order. Common sense is needed eg don’t go on the treadmill next to someone else and use our temporary out of use signs to protect your social distance bubble

To put it into perspective, we only have about  100 gold members and an additional 80 DD members so we can accomdate EVERYONE but you can’t just walk through the 🚪 at the moment I’m afraid.

I’m not paying for the app booking system as feel
this will just be temporary so I’ll take on the additional workload to avoid having to increase fees to pay for all of this inconvenience

Please WHATSAPP 07859827403 with full name and PHOTO of key fob showing number to book (as per dates above)

You have been told 😝 now get a diary and start planning when you want to come and spare a thought for me and the size of the piece of paper required to book you all in 😉