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WHEN Bulks Power & Strength Gym RE-OPENS

WHEN Bulks Power & Strength Gym RE-OPENS
& what you need to do with your membership

Just  a little update!

As I had said previously, it is almost certain we will be opening under a reduced capacity with social distancing in place (just like all businesses/shops who are re-opening or have been open throughout)

The only way to adhere to this is via a strict booking in / timed slot/ members only system

This new system will be operated by CLUBWISE who you will all be familiar with as that is who you pay your direct debits too. So this will cause some members a few problems as many sadly cancelled DDs without informing me or clubwise and are therefore struck off of the system and on the debt collection list. I therefore foresee we will have the following categories of people and action will now need to be taken to sort memberships in time for a July re-opening

Those who have continued to pay their full price membership throughout our closure (thank you !)
This is why you will have unrestricted and priority access all day / everyday (but will need to book time slots so we know numbers- yes you will be able to book multiple time slots in successions to stay longer than one hour. You will also receive your exclusive STRAIGHT OUT OF LOCKDOWN Bulks T-shirt and free shakes for the month (worth £2.50) every time you train. You will also get to continue to pay your reduced rate as those who have cancelled will be back to full price

You will need to message me to unfreeze your account so we can collect July’s payment in time for opening (assuming Boris confirms the 4th) You will then be able to access the booking system to book a one hour slot per day

Those who reduced their payments rather than cancelling can now UPGRADE to be GOLD members. Please message to look at options to suit you

Please get in touch ASAP to look at how to settle and reactive your account in time so you too can use the new booking system

💫 NEW MEMBERS  or previous pay as go members 💫
Please message so we can get you set up on the system and ready to go for when we reopen

It is very unlikely these will be offered for some time as the government / council want proof of a managed system entry to ‘control the virus’ We can not therefore have people just turning up and hanging about by the door. At the moment, in this new ‘normal’  life, everything has to be pre-booked. If you look at other leisure attractions that are starting to reopen, such as gardens and grounds, these are all reopening with the same strict timeslots and timed entries so there are measures in place so they can confirm they are never exceeding the stated capacity. It is expected that gyms will be operating in the same manner.

All of this also avoids the use of cash and queueing to pay, whilst trying to maintain social distance

Entry will be upon the scanning of your membership card on arrival. This is why active direct debits need to be in place and why you need to have your Bulks membership card. Replacements are available at a cost of £3 and again please message to sort this out BEFORE we reopen

Any Direct Debits issues MUST be corrected beforehand via messages please so you are not hanging about at the counter or in the gym as this is not fair on staff or members
Inspectors will be out doing spot checks and we need to prove that we can handle this so gyms can all re-open safely 💪💪

Behind-the-scenes, the machines have been re-upholstered and ceilings painted white. The steelwork has been painted green along with all the walls, toilets and showers so everything is clean and fresh and ready to go! Strongman Equipment has also been painted green and poor Jay Hughes is starting on the dumbbell racks today! These fresh new surfaces will enable them to be cleaned and maintained easier as well as looking visually more attractive and creating a brighter space!

This is one silver lining to the virus because if we hadn’t closed we would never have been able to get this work done as we wouldn’t have wanted to shut the gym just to paint it!

Any issues then please message me on here or email emmy@trainatbulks.com or text 07859 827403